Is that an interview I smell?

Hi there blogging compatriots! I am literally so excited to write this blog, which is why the title basically gives away what I want to talk about(!) I will have mentioned in blogs from Xmas past (or beyond) that I was completing some online tests for a couple of Graduate schemes (for the inevitable life beyond University) and that sometime in January, I would find out whether I got to the next stage. For both of these schemes, the next stage was an interview.

Well, I looked in my emails last week and found some bad news. That one of the programmes I applied to were sorry to inform me that I would not make it to the next round. Pfffffft. They have no idea what they have missed.

Because a few days later, I got an email from my second Graduate scheme saying that I have made it to the next stage of interviews!!!!

Considering the fact that I thought I was so unprepared about what to do after University, I am ecstatic that I made it through the online tests for one of the Graduate schemes. This one is with the NHS and is titled ‘Health Informatics Management. So, the idea would be that you would get on the job experience of understanding hospital environments, get acquainted with software and information distribution systems, so that after 2 years, I could come out of the scheme with a host of transferable skills and a diploma in Health Informatics Management! It sounded too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Though I am getting my hopes up quite a lot really. During the interview, the panel will assess my personal qualities and ability to work with others. And they sent me a ‘constitution’ equivalent of NHS guidelines on what makes a good manager within the NHS. It’s quite a long read. And although the last section on ’embodying the vision’ (very profound) likened the institution more to the National Homoeopathy Service, I could understand their meaning, considering the current climate where the Tories are determined to cut inefficiency (is that costs?) in the NHS. It is important to NEVER compromise patient care at the behest of cutting costs!

There’s me being all cynical, when I am ecstatic to have got this far in the process. The NHS is a rather wonderful public institution, and I hope the interview goes well. The one downer is that I couldn’t find any of my smart clothes at my parent’s house. Moving house has meant that some things have been lost from sight I’m afraid.

I will figure something out. My interview is on the 27th January, so will update you on the interview near the end of the month!

If you’re stuck on career opportunities after University, contact your career advice service. The University of Leicester’s one has been really helpful with writing personal statements, CVs and preparing you for interviews. You can contact them by phone: 0116 252 2004; visit them on campus or contact them online at:

Hope 2015 is treating everyone as well as me! TTFN xoxoxo

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