Interview complete

Sooo, I can breathe a lovely sigh of relief, now the interview for the NHS Graduate Scheme in Health Informatics Management has passed.

Although I knew that the interview would be quite a calming environment with NHS managers (from contacting current graduates in the scheme) there was s till a nervous pang in my stomach on the day, and I had been having some trouble sleeping. I really did have nothing to worry about as the questions were more than answerable, and with a little preliminary reading, was more than prepared for the questions they threw at me. Though having some nervousness, I think, means that you care about the outcome. And now I can sleep and go about my life in relative harmony 🙂

Unfortunately, the scheme is highly competitive, and I found out that from all 11,000 (I think) people who had applied, only 100 people get a place with the NHS. Considering the different schemes being advertised (4 in total: Health Informatics, General Management, HR and finance) only 10 of those 100 finalists will be in Health Informatics. I’m not sure I did well enough to make it to the next stage (Assessment Centre) but am still damn proud to have made the interview stage. I had the opportunity to speak straight to the faces of NHS management! And it was good practice. AND, I was one of the quarter (of 11,000) selected to make the interview! Well done me!

Advice for those prospective interviewees: Take a few seconds to pause and think through a little before answering their question/s for you. I feel like some of my answers could have used a little more time before being voiced out loud.

I shall find out my fate week commencing the 23rd of February!

If any of you have any questions considering the interview process for jobs/graduate schemes, feel free to leave me a comment below.

Lots of loving Blogosphere xoxoxoxoxoxo

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2 responses to “Interview complete”

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  2. EdWork

    Hi Chris,
    Your content provides great info about interview process for jobs/graduate schemes! Hey, you are in the middle of the action – thus, you know very well every step and your guidelines means a lot! Thanks for sharing.

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