Studying, while planning a future!

You might have seen from an earlier blog that I wrote on my Graduate Scheme interview that I would be finding out whether I made it through to an Assessment Centre, at around this time. Well, I actually received some mixed results from the NHS a few days ago. I’m not out of the process yet! But, I’m not definitely guaranteed a place at an Assessment Centre either.

There is a lot of good news in that sentence (once picked apart and mulled over!) However, I am confined to a state of limbo, I’m afraid. They told me that the Assessment Centres would last up until March 20th, which is a long time to be on hold. They also said that they would prefer it if I remained as flexible as possible, up until this time, as I could get a call from them at quite short notice. They did not say how short ‘short notice’ is. Though, considering it is based in Leeds, and having a provisional look at train times, I would have to stay in Leeds overnight (so I am sure that it will be more than a day’s notice anyway!) Plus, I can’t be the only one who would have to do this too.

After the interview, I wasn’t completely confident in the answers that I had given the NHS managers, so I was pleasantly surprised that I haven’t been completely written off the Graduate Scheme. I will let you know whether I get an Assessment Centre sometime next month, so keep a look out!

I did also apply for another Graduate Scheme at the same time as finishing my interview with the NHS because it looked really exciting and I thought the interview with the NHS could have gone better.

This next Graduate Scheme is with CGP, who some of the students around my age, might remember as the company responsible for the revision guides we used when studying for GCSEs and A-Levels. I, personally, have a lot to thank CGP for, as it is the main reason I got an A* in GCSE Additional Science (and considering where I have come since then, I am eternally grateful). I know that their resources can be cheesy at times, but this makes some of the information more memorable. Additionally, I feel that working for them would complement my cheesy personality anyway. 😉 Science communication has always appealed to me and their scheme hones graduates’ abilities to do this, whilst really looking after their employees (perks include inclusive access to their leisure centre!) Their office is also based in the heart of the Lake District (how could you not want to work in such an area of natural beauty!)

After sending them my CV and Cover Letter, I have already passed initial screening and they have given me homework! To make it onto one of their Assessment Centres, I have to design my own page, compatible with their revision guides aimed at AS Level students. They only gave me 5 days for this task, so testing a wide range of abilities. I will email them my page tonight, before the deadline tomorrow morning, and let you guys know how I progress with this scheme too in a blog next month.

All this job preparation comes at a busy time for us final year students in Microbiology. To cope with the increased workload I have had to set myself a realistic timetable for completing it all:

28/02/2015 – First draft of Dissertation written.

04/03/2015 – Final editing of the First Draft to be sent to my supervisor (simultaneously starting on my Dissertation Presentation).

10/03/2015 – Essay on ‘Filoviridae’ completed (that includes Ebola, by the way!).

17/03/2015 – Presentation on ‘Microbial Metabolism in Consortia in Salt Marshes’ finished (simultaneously providing material for the essay on the same topic).

21/03/2015 – Dissertation Presentation done (with a couple of days beforehand to rehearse it).

This month is going to be very busy, but I think I have timed everything well. And, if I do get a couple of Assessment Centres along the way, then I have set myself enough time to complete each assignment.

Wish me luck Blogosphere!! xoxo

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