Hey guys, I realise that in my last blog post, I said that I would have written a first draft of my dissertation by today. Though after a lengthy week, stuck in the David Wilson Library, I do need to give myself extra time to write it. So, changing my schedule slightly, I will have a final, written, edited version of my dissertation ready for the 4th of March! (Just in case any of you would dare check up on my progress.)

Whilst taking tactical breaks from my dissertation work, I came across a snapchat I sent, roughly a year ago, while I was studying in the University of Eastern Finland, as part of my Erasmus exchange at the University of Leicester.

For any of you who aren’t youthful enough to know what I mean by snapchat, it’s an application on your phone where you can take pictures, edit them and send to your friends, where they can view them for a few seconds. The snapchat I took is shown below:

such fun

Learning Finnish can be such fun

I was enrolled on a Finnish course whilst studying in Finland, and my friend (Satomi) accidentally wrote ‘go inside Katri’ rather than ‘go to Katri’. It revolved around the confusing uses of ‘cases’ in the language which causes a change in context by changing just a few letters.

In this case, me and Satomi could never have known that she was wrong, because we had been taught that ‘Mene Katrissa’ would literally translate into ‘go into Katri’. But, why ‘Katriin’ would have the same meaning, we did not understand.. I’m just glad Satomi wrote that down rather than me, hahaha. Obviously, I felt the need to send this to all of my friends instead of paying attention to the lesson.

Looking at the snapchat made me realise how much I miss doing an Erasmus Year Abroad – the experience of meeting new cultures, friends and taking a slight break before final year was all amazing. But, I had better crack on with my dissertation (though implore everyone in my shoes to take little breaks as well!)

TTFN blogosphere xoxo

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