After University…

It only hit me today that  I only have 2 more weeks of official University! When Biological Sciences come back after Easter, it’s all about revising for exams. And with the final few assignments due in the next couple of weeks, it sure is scary to think that this stage of learning might be coming to an end.

I got news back from the graduate scheme with CGP I applied for. Although I made it past their initial screening, and I completed an assignment for them (complete a page for an AS level book for them), I didn’t get past that stage, unfortunately. It’s not looking good for my NHS graduate scheme either, as their final assessment schemes occur 6 days from now, and they haven’t contacted me to say that I’m out of limbo.

It’s a shame that my graduate schemes haven’t worked out as I do like to have long term life goals planned out. But they were really competitive, and it just means that I have more time to think about what to do after University. After exams I would like to have a holiday (or two) to have a break and visit some friends I made on Erasmus. In fact, travelling appeals so much to me, that I am thinking about perhaps doing a masters abroad, once I have saved up some money. Or, if I can’t find an appealing one abroad, I may be applying via Ucas (AGAIN) for masters in the UK. Maybe I will find a job and get super lucky though, but what job do I want? The only thing I’m certain about, is being uncertain about what to do after University! I get the feeling I will need to visit my Careers guidance very soon, and encourage other soon-to-be graduates to do the same. Unless you know what to do (then I’m very happy for you).

Just thought I would let you know about some woes to face as a final year undergraduate. Enjoy yourselves younglings xoxoxo

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm a guy finishing my Undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (with a year abroad) at the University of Leicester. After a fun year in Finland, I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of life for a final year in Biology (specifically Microbiology). Along with a rant on studying, there will be a sprinkling of society chatter and my imminent thoughts on growing up into graduation and the beyond!

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