Many a Milestone (1)

With the final taught session occurring last Friday, that marked the final lesson I would have in further education (in the foreseeable future, but potentially for life!)

It was a great session, as for the module BS3013: ‘Environmental Microbiology’, we all had to give a seminar on a topic relevant to the module. The final week was where everyone gave their presentations and the final ones on friday were on fungal contributions to compost heaps and different human environments for microbiota. The latter was particularly interesting and relevant as a lot of debate has occurred recently to do with whether your gut microbiota influences your ability to gain weight. This is why final year is so great for studying biological sciences, the content is of particular interest to you so assignments and exams on the content, are quite nice to prepare for. I know it’s silly, but I am slightly looking forward to revision (as it’s an excuse to read lots of interesting articles on relevant topics).

But things have certainly changed since First Year. Of course the level of detail you go into changes, but the end of the academic year feels a lot more poignant too. Fortuntely, I have final revision of my dissertation and one last essay for BS3013, which will pique my interest (while also flying by).

Back during the 2011s.. what an immature laddy!

Back during the 2011s.. what an immature, but handsome, guy!

At least my wardrobe has improved for the better!

TTFN blogosphere xoxoxo

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