Milestone (4) Final Assessment in Education

No matter how today has gone, I am very happy to say that my final exam is done! That’s it. 4 years of hard slogging at University (not to mention yearly formal assessment since the age of 14!) has finally culminated in these few exams determining a significant portion of my final year marks (although I did work out each exam is roughly 8% each for our final degree mark, haha). Either way, like many other students, I will be having the time of my life (I don’t think anyone will be in a position to judge me until they get to final year!)

Some of you may have also guessed where I’m going on holiday, in a few days (see my latest blog). You would all be correct in guessing that I will be going to Vienna, Austria. I have a friend from my Erasmus year who lives there and is kindly letting me stay there for a week or so. The best bit is that I haven’t booked a return flight, so who knows where I will go after, or when I will even return to the UK! HAHAHAHA.

I will make sure I’m back in Leicester though as I will be leaving the city and will need to make sure I move out on time and say goodbye to everybody. Plus, I do want to be back for the march against austerity taking place in London on the 20th of June 😉 Soo, you may see a blog with placards near the end of the month!

While I’m on holiday though, it will give me time to ponder a little on what I’m doing with my life once I have my degree. But, I will make sure you all get to see what a wonderful time I’m having in Wien also!

TTFN blogosphere xoxoxo

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm a guy finishing my Undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (with a year abroad) at the University of Leicester. After a fun year in Finland, I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of life for a final year in Biology (specifically Microbiology). Along with a rant on studying, there will be a sprinkling of society chatter and my imminent thoughts on growing up into graduation and the beyond!

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