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We finally got our degree classifications yesterday, and although the system was frustrating, I found out that I will be graduating with a 2:1! Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to cover it! All the hard work and long hours has boiled down to a good degree, now I just need to find people willing to hire me 😉

Fortunately I have insider contacts to a job as a coordinator in a sexual health charity (I helped forge contacts between this charity and University of Leicester’s LGBT*QA in second year), but I suppose anything could happen. It may be that other candidates are more qualified than me (tough world out there for graduates) or that I may fluff up the interview (at least the pressure can build character).

All I know, is that it sounds like a wonderful job to be involved in straight after University. Plus, if University has taught me anything, is that I would like to go into something that makes an on-the-ground difference to people, rather than going for something tedious, simply to climb up the corporate ladder.

As I will be graduating soon, this will be one of my last blog posts for the University! I have had a fun and educational few years, writing blog posts for my department and I will miss it. I think I will start up a new blog to continue writing about my life (in a self-indulgent way, I do enjoy talking about me!) You can expect one more blog from me about graduation (pictures of snazzy me will be up), but until then, TTFN blogosphere xoxoxo

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm a guy finishing my Undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (with a year abroad) at the University of Leicester. After a fun year in Finland, I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of life for a final year in Biology (specifically Microbiology). Along with a rant on studying, there will be a sprinkling of society chatter and my imminent thoughts on growing up into graduation and the beyond!

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