Goodbye from me too!

You may all have enough of reading about graduation blogs, by the time you have scanned through mine and Eleri’s recent blog post, but alas, it is my final post as well, and what better way to do so, than talking about graduation.

Even though we all looked like the equivalent of Severus Snape, and the ceremony gave us a work out with hand-clapping and standing up and down, it was a climactic moment for us all. Whether time slowed down due to the length of speeches, or because it signalled a significant end to institutional education I cannot say. But, an important lesson addressed throughout, for which I thoroughly agree with is that: ‘education is lifelong’. I hope to pursue further education at some point, but am more than humbled by the fact that learning will go on for me and my fellow graduates, wherever our paths take us.

Me and mumsy in full gown and hat!

Me and mumsy in full gown and hat!

A learning curve that I think could be provided to the University is from a disabled point of view. At graduation, my Mum visited the accessible toilets in the Percy Gee building (she is a wheelchair user) and found that she couldn’t close the door all the way, while she was in there!! I think that this highlights the need for continued education, everywhere, to make the world that bit enlightened than it was before!

I leave you now with Daisy, who will be blogging for the Biological Sciences Department. I hear she has come back from Germany, so will have many entertaining stories to compare with life at Leicester, no doubt!

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging for the University, and I hope you don’t all miss me too much 😉

So I leave you with these words: TTFN blogosphere!!! xoxoxoxo

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Chris has now graduated from the University of Leicester. I'm a guy finishing my Undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (with a year abroad) at the University of Leicester. After a fun year in Finland, I will be getting down to the nitty gritty of life for a final year in Biology (specifically Microbiology). Along with a rant on studying, there will be a sprinkling of society chatter and my imminent thoughts on growing up into graduation and the beyond!

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