Goodbye from me too!

Goodbye from me too!

You may all have enough of reading about graduation blogs, by the time you have scanned through mine and Eleri’s recent blog post, but alas, it is my final post as well, and what better way to do so, than talking about graduation. Even though we all looked like the equivalent of Severus Snape, and […]

Results are in and what it means

We finally got our degree classifications yesterday, and although the system was frustrating, I found out that I will be graduating with a 2:1! Ecstatic doesn’t even begin to cover it! All the hard work and long hours has boiled down to a good degree, now I just need to find people willing to hire […]

If you look closely, you may see those lights I alluded to in a blog a few weeks ago now!

Back from Mainland Europe

I am happy to say that I am back from my German-speaking adventures on the mainland, and that I have had a wonderful time there, blogosphere!! Plus, I am very happy at being able to utilise some of my German Beginner’s skills from the year course I did at University alongside my studies. Asking for […]

Milestone (4) Final Assessment in Education

No matter how today has gone, I am very happy to say that my final exam is done! That’s it. 4 years of hard slogging at University (not to mention yearly formal assessment since the age of 14!) has finally culminated in these few exams determining a significant portion of my final year marks (although […]

Processing exams and addressing social justice

Processing exams and addressing social justice

So, I have just had my first final year exam and it was pretty good, I have to say. The nature of the exam (like my others to come) is to write 3 essays with an either/or dimension. To be honest, I enjoyed the module so much, that revising for it was pretty great, and […]

Milestone (3) Exams be upon us!

So, the next and last milestone, for final year, will be getting through these blooming exams! I have 4 exams, spread out between the 23rd May and the 5th June. Some may say that that’s a blessing, except for the unfortunate assignment of 2 exams on the 28th and 29th of May!!! Well, I shouldn’t […]

Milestone (2) Dutiful Destruction of Dissertation

So, the 5th of May has come and gone, & I have reached another checkpoint: dissertation hand in. Although, there was no last minute working on the written content, handing in this important piece of work makes me queasy, but relieved. Now, I know that I have submitted approximately 50% of the work that will […]

An Internship possibility?

Unfortunately, it has been really difficult to find something to do after graduation. Going out into the real world is scary, and the competition for places on graduate schemes etc., is so high. Not to scare all of you, but it is akin to the Hunger Games! I would advise students, even in their first […]

Isolated Microbial Systems

The fun thing about revising for final year exams in Biological Sciences (Microbiology), is that the top marks for exams will go to those who have incorporated wider reading into their answers. This can give you the excuse of reading, listening or watching a science piece, and making you think ‘this counts as revision’. It […]

Hobbits and heart disease

Although the title of this blog may sound odd, I got the inspiration for this blog after some research that a University of Leicester Professor carried out recently.  Professor Sir Nilesh Samani is the Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences whose recently published work adds evidence to the idea that shorter people are more […]

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