Many a Milestone (1)

With the final taught session occurring last Friday, that marked the final lesson I would have in further education (in the foreseeable future, but potentially for life!) It was a great session, as for the module BS3013: ‘Environmental Microbiology’, we all had to give a seminar on a topic relevant to the module. The final […]

before and after

Freedom for me?!

I know my posts have been pretty scarce recently, but the culmination of deadlines in the past few weeks have left me the busiest I have ever been. But, after doing two presentations today, I am free from stress (for a good couple of months, hehe). I think I deserve a break as much as […]

After University…

It only hit me today that  I only have 2 more weeks of official University! When Biological Sciences come back after Easter, it’s all about revising for exams. And with the final few assignments due in the next couple of weeks, it sure is scary to think that this stage of learning might be coming […]

such fun


Hey guys, I realise that in my last blog post, I said that I would have written a first draft of my dissertation by today. Though after a lengthy week, stuck in the David Wilson Library, I do need to give myself extra time to write it. So, changing my schedule slightly, I will have […]

Studying, while planning a future!

You might have seen from an earlier blog that I wrote on my Graduate Scheme interview that I would be finding out whether I made it through to an Assessment Centre, at around this time. Well, I actually received some mixed results from the NHS a few days ago. I’m not out of the process […]

pucker uppp

Kissing Bugs

I know that this blog title may give the impression that I’m bitter about a certain ‘loving’ holiday, but I’m really not. I agree with the fact that you shouldn’t need Valentine’s Day to do something special for the one(s) you love, but certainly have nothing against people taking the opportunity to do so. Maybe it’s […]

Post interview relieved selfie

Interview complete

Sooo, I can breathe a lovely sigh of relief, now the interview for the NHS Graduate Scheme in Health Informatics Management has passed. Although I knew that the interview would be quite a calming environment with NHS managers (from contacting current graduates in the scheme) there was s till a nervous pang in my stomach […]

Importance of Vaccinations

I wish to highlight an important topic today to do with the importance of vaccination and how important it is that guardians responsible for administering their children with MMR, get the best information on vaccines. Recently, there was a news story detailing how, upon a visit to Disneyland, California, 59 people had contracted measles. These kinds of […]

Is that an interview I smell?

Hi there blogging compatriots! I am literally so excited to write this blog, which is why the title basically gives away what I want to talk about(!) I will have mentioned in blogs from Xmas past (or beyond) that I was completing some online tests for a couple of Graduate schemes (for the inevitable life […]

2014 Highlights

2014 Highlights

Hey there blogosphere. Well, unless you have been hidden under a dreary rock somewhere, you all will know that in a matter of a few hours, 2014 will be over. On a sad note, I’m probably through a quarter of my life and even sadder: the final year of my Undergraduate degree. I won’t delve […]

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