Chrimbo Dinners

Chrimbo Dinners

Another Christmas has come and gone, and this has meant another holiday to spend with loved ones gorging on as much food as possible. For most University students, the icing on the cake over Christmas, will be returning home for a home-cooked Christmas meal. I know that when I was trundling my way through 1st […]

Microbiological Christmas

As Christmas approaches, everyone will be spending valuable times with their families, and enjoying a well earned break from studying/working etc. And since everyone is in a festive spirit, I thought I would create a short blog on why we should thank some of the smaller things in life, as we gorge our faces with […]

Whooping Cough Re-emergence?

Last Thursday, I had to write an essay under exam conditions for the module BS3012: Infection and Immunity. We had a list of essay titles that we could choose from and I chose: Compare and contrast the structure, regulation and contributions to pathogenesis of the pertussis and adenylate cyclase toxins in Bordetella pertussis. Bordetella pertussis being the […]

Early Post-Uni-Ramblings?

Hey hey blogosphere. As this blog’s title ominously suggests, I have been making decisions about post University decisions. What I’ve realised, from seeing my friends who have graduated so far, is to get into SOMETHING after graduation. Something meaningful, which can possibly provide a stepping stone for other things or prepare me for life where I’m […]

Perks of Final Year in Microbiology

Perks of Final Year in Microbiology

I now have a list of my deadlines, as I realise that while I concentrate on research for my dissertation, I also have a poster for one module due next week, and a preset essay to be done the week after, while also needing to complete applications for graduate schemes (I shall talk more about […]

Alzheimer’s and brain-consumption… a tenuous link?

Unless you’re under a rock or live in the distant highlands of Papua New Guinea in complete isolation from the outside world, then of course it will have registered somewhere that it is in fact Halloween. I will, along with many others, be getting zombified tonight for the weekend’s celebration of all things spooky. After all, […]

Is this the day the Earth stood Stilton?

Is this the day the Earth stood Stilton?

Hello bloggers, The cheesy pun in the title does in fact refer to my cheese haven I entered when taking the module BS3068, Microbial Biotechnology. I am using this blog to encourage other like minded biologists to take the Microbiology modules at University of Leicester so that by the time you reach final year and […]

britain needs a pay rise


Hello Blogosphere, So far, I’ve been thrown head first into dissertation research, which I really enjoy, but which takes up almost all my time. Anyway, yesterday, me and a few hundred thousand friends went to London, to protest and rally for a better standard of working in Britain. We marched from Waterloo, all around to […]

Return of the King… to Leicester

Sorry to make this blog seem more exciting than it probably is (especially as Lord of the Rings doesn’t really come into it), but I thought I would give some insights into coming back to final year Biological Sciences (with more of the focus on Microbiology). I have already signed up to Dance Sport and […]

Report on bioremediation of wastewater using microalgae

Internship finished!

During the last couple of weeks spent in India, my internet was cut off, so now I can sum up my placement for you all, detailing some of the work I carried out while also letting you know that I made it back to England safe and sound! The last few weeks of my placement […]

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