Home Comforts

There’s nothing quite like the comforts of home when you’ve been at Uni for a number of weeks. No dishwashing, having delicious meals cooked for you and being provided with fresh clothing are the things that students no longer take for granted. As I write this with a particularly tasty roast dinner resting satisfied in […]

Future First Aider

Because of my desire to help people and ambition to become a doctor, I have decided to learn First Aid. The student-run First Aid Society is associated with St. John Ambulance, and teaches students First Aid skills so that they can become a qualified First Aider. Meetings are held every Monday, where we have been […]

A bit about me

My name is Joshua and I’m a third year Biological Sciences student, specialising in Physiology and Pharmacology.  I love working in the laboratory, and for my dissertation project I am researching the effects of different drugs on smooth muscle cells. I find the human body fascinating, so I really enjoy the physiology modules on the […]

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