After University…

It only hit me today that  I only have 2 more weeks of official University! When Biological Sciences come back after Easter, it’s all about revising for exams. And with the final few assignments due in the next couple of weeks, it sure is scary to think that this stage of learning might be coming […]

Post interview relieved selfie

Interview complete

Sooo, I can breathe a lovely sigh of relief, now the interview for the NHS Graduate Scheme in Health Informatics Management has passed. Although I knew that the interview would be quite a calming environment with NHS managers (from contacting current graduates in the scheme) there was s till a nervous pang in my stomach […]

Early Post-Uni-Ramblings?

Hey hey blogosphere. As this blog’s title ominously suggests, I have been making decisions about post University decisions. What I’ve realised, from seeing my friends who have graduated so far, is to get into SOMETHING after graduation. Something meaningful, which can possibly provide a stepping stone for other things or prepare me for life where I’m […]

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