Milestone (4) Final Assessment in Education

No matter how today has gone, I am very happy to say that my final exam is done! That’s it. 4 years of hard slogging at University (not to mention yearly formal assessment since the age of 14!) has finally culminated in these few exams determining a significant portion of my final year marks (although […]

Processing exams and addressing social justice

Processing exams and addressing social justice

So, I have just had my first final year exam and it was pretty good, I have to say. The nature of the exam (like my others to come) is to write 3 essays with an either/or dimension. To be honest, I enjoyed the module so much, that revising for it was pretty great, and […]

Milestone (3) Exams be upon us!

So, the next and last milestone, for final year, will be getting through these blooming exams! I have 4 exams, spread out between the 23rd May and the 5th June. Some may say that that’s a blessing, except for the unfortunate assignment of 2 exams on the 28th and 29th of May!!! Well, I shouldn’t […]

Isolated Microbial Systems

The fun thing about revising for final year exams in Biological Sciences (Microbiology), is that the top marks for exams will go to those who have incorporated wider reading into their answers. This can give you the excuse of reading, listening or watching a science piece, and making you think ‘this counts as revision’. It […]

Many a Milestone (1)

With the final taught session occurring last Friday, that marked the final lesson I would have in further education (in the foreseeable future, but potentially for life!) It was a great session, as for the module BS3013: ‘Environmental Microbiology’, we all had to give a seminar on a topic relevant to the module. The final […]

Exam and Uni Preparation

I know this is out of my usual blogging character (as I realise that I focus on fun elements of University a lot more than the serious side) however, with 3 out of 4 years of my degree done, I thought that I would use this blog title to reminisce about the summer leading up […]

When does it end?

When does it end?

After four years as a student at the University of Leicester, I have started to get restless and find myself dreaming of days when exams are no more and I actually have time on my hands to relax in the evenings and weekends. Imagine being able to read a book without having to worry about […]

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