An Internship possibility?

Unfortunately, it has been really difficult to find something to do after graduation. Going out into the real world is scary, and the competition for places on graduate schemes etc., is so high. Not to scare all of you, but it is akin to the Hunger Games! I would advise students, even in their first […]

Report on bioremediation of wastewater using microalgae

Internship finished!

During the last couple of weeks spent in India, my internet was cut off, so now I can sum up my placement for you all, detailing some of the work I carried out while also letting you know that I made it back to England safe and sound! The last few weeks of my placement […]

artsy fartsy life through a life ring shot

Beaches Galore

Hello everyone. As promised, this blog will be all about the beaches I have visited whilst in India, hehehe. I can feel the jealousy coming from all of you blog followers. And, to be honest, since my work here is dry, and disaster after disaster has occurred with regards to the university and residential facilities, […]

Dreaded decanting!

Differences in Lab Environments

Hello blogging connoisseurs! I hope that you are all doing well since my last post. From Safari to Beaches (my next blog post to look forward to) it’s time for me to delve back into the sundry tastes of working in the lab. If you wish for a happier blog, perhaps revisit my last safari […]

India in Pictures

India in Pictures

So, last time I said that I would make all of my 10 blog followers jealous by uploading pictures of my recent travels in India. Well, this is that blog! In my first week, we took a trip to Kerala (the province next to Tamil Nadu, which is where I am). We went on a […]

21st via India

21st via India

It’s been a while since I last whacked out an illustrious blog (no dirty humour intended), but I have been kept very busy here on my internship (I’m not on holiday you know!) Which I have had to repeat to several friends and family whenever they ask me for my latest adventures. Needless to say, […]

Uni in the Mountains

Indian Internship

Hello there international blogging friends! I hope that since I have spent a year in Finland and will spend 2 and a half months in India, I may have increased my audience by a few hundred thousand (harharhar). Anyway, now that I have settled in and I have Internet access, please pull up a chair, […]

This will be me!!

The Next International Adventure!

I said to you guys earlier in the month that I had some exciting news upcoming. And the thing is that it was so last minute (that it was organised) and I was stressing so much about the post-application procedure, that I dared not tell anyone. Well, a major breakthrough happened only last week that […]

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