Hobbits and heart disease

Although the title of this blog may sound odd, I got the inspiration for this blog after some research that a University of Leicester Professor carried out recently.  Professor Sir Nilesh Samani is the Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences whose recently published work adds evidence to the idea that shorter people are more […]

Importance of Vaccinations

I wish to highlight an important topic today to do with the importance of vaccination and how important it is that guardians responsible for administering their children with MMR, get the best information on vaccines. Recently, there was a news story detailing how, upon a visit to Disneyland, California, 59 people had contracted measles. These kinds of […]

Whooping Cough Re-emergence?

Last Thursday, I had to write an essay under exam conditions for the module BS3012: Infection and Immunity. We had a list of essay titles that we could choose from and I chose: Compare and contrast the structure, regulation and contributions to pathogenesis of the pertussis and adenylate cyclase toxins in Bordetella pertussis. Bordetella pertussis being the […]

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