Study Abroad

The view of Prague city

Summer travels

For my sister’s birthday, I got us tickets to see Passenger in Schwetzingen. The plan was to go on a little trip to a few places in Europe before the concert, so whilst I was still in Heidelberg we had a few Skype calls and sorted it all out. I’d like to say that my […]

such fun


Hey guys, I realise that in my last blog post, I said that I would have written a first draft of my dissertation by today. Though after a lengthy week, stuck in the David Wilson Library, I do need to give myself extra time to write it. So, changing my schedule slightly, I will have […]

Dreaded decanting!

Differences in Lab Environments

Hello blogging connoisseurs! I hope that you are all doing well since my last post. From Safari to Beaches (my next blog post to look forward to) it’s time for me to delve back into the sundry tastes of working in the lab. If you wish for a happier blog, perhaps revisit my last safari […]

India in Pictures

India in Pictures

So, last time I said that I would make all of my 10 blog followers jealous by uploading pictures of my recent travels in India. Well, this is that blog! In my first week, we took a trip to Kerala (the province next to Tamil Nadu, which is where I am). We went on a […]

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