An Internship possibility?

Unfortunately, it has been really difficult to find something to do after graduation. Going out into the real world is scary, and the competition for places on graduate schemes etc., is so high. Not to scare all of you, but it is akin to the Hunger Games! I would advise students, even in their first […]

Post interview relieved selfie

Interview complete

Sooo, I can breathe a lovely sigh of relief, now the interview for the NHS Graduate Scheme in Health Informatics Management has passed. Although I knew that the interview would be quite a calming environment with NHS managers (from contacting current graduates in the scheme) there was s till a nervous pang in my stomach […]

Early Post-Uni-Ramblings?

Hey hey blogosphere. As this blog’s title ominously suggests, I have been making decisions about post University decisions. What I’ve realised, from seeing my friends who have graduated so far, is to get into SOMETHING after graduation. Something meaningful, which can possibly provide a stepping stone for other things or prepare me for life where I’m […]

britain needs a pay rise


Hello Blogosphere, So far, I’ve been thrown head first into dissertation research, which I really enjoy, but which takes up almost all my time. Anyway, yesterday, me and a few hundred thousand friends went to London, to protest and rally for a better standard of working in Britain. We marched from Waterloo, all around to […]

Dreaded decanting!

Differences in Lab Environments

Hello blogging connoisseurs! I hope that you are all doing well since my last post. From Safari to Beaches (my next blog post to look forward to) it’s time for me to delve back into the sundry tastes of working in the lab. If you wish for a happier blog, perhaps revisit my last safari […]

Addiction and withdrawal: blame the vending machines

Addiction and withdrawal: blame the vending machines

No I am not a drug addict that has recently gone ‘cold turkey’. Just to make that nice and clear thought I’d state it first and foremost. One thing that made me fall in love with GSK when I started my placement was the vending machines scattered around each building which serve free drinks. Hot […]

My cells are still on vacation!

My cells are still on vacation!

Reading the title as a biologist or a crazy sci-fi fanatic you might think that I have somehow managed to separate myself as a being from the cells that make up my body. A difficult concept to grasp for some let alone to actually do! But alas no I have not yet managed to complete […]

Excited to start university?

Excited to start university?

All this talk on websites, blogs and newspapers over the past few weeks about A-level results, Clearing and starting university has got me thinking about when I was going through that phase just a couple of years ago. Due to a family related situation I found myself in during the period of writing personal statements […]

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