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American Studies


Hiya! My name is Charlotte and I am a second year American Studies student. The University of Leicester was my first choice university from the beginning and coming was my best decision yet! I love both my course and the friends I have made here and as cliché as it sounds, I could not imagine my life any other way. I plan to blog and vlog about a wide range of topics including my course, the university and city in general as well as student life. Outside of university, I love to travel, shop, cook and listen to/make music!

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Hi, my name is Bethan and I’m a third year Biological Sciences (Zoology) student. I’m also part of the University’s Equestrian and Polo Club and I’m this year’s Polo Captain. I’ll be blogging about my course, tips for first year and exciting opportunities during the holidays.

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Hey there, everyone! My name is Holly and I’m just about to go into second year, studying English. Coming to the University of Leicester has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made, as I’m loving my time here and I’ve made so many good friends! My interests include reading, customising clothes and photography, but you can expect blogs on a huge range of topics, from student life to the city of Leicester itself.

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Film Studies


Hey everyone! My name is Charlotte and I’m a third year undergraduate student, studying Film Studies and the Visual Arts, and loving my time here at Leicester. When I’m not studying you’ll normally find me at the cinema, with my nose in a book, or maybe you’ll just hear me playing my saxophone from streets away! Expect lots of posts about my work and play, as well as my experiences in my role as an Equality and Diversity Champion, here in Leicester.

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Hey guys, I’m Bryony but most people call me Bry. I’m a second year BA Human Geography student. In my spare time I love to travel, as well as watching movies and cooking for my flatmates. I’ll be writing blogs about a whole range of topics, including tips and tricks for uni life, my experiences of doing a geography degree, and in between.

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Hi everyone, my name’s Leon and I am currently a second year undergraduate studying Mathematics. My first year of studying has been intriguing and I want to give you guys some insight into the different aspects of Mathematics. Additionally, the life of a student can prove to be challenging but it’s certainly one you can prepare for, so I will be sharing some useful tips to help you thrive on your self-living journey

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Hey, I’m Kess, a fourth year Medical student, currently completing an intercalated Master’s degree in Medical Research. I love living in Leicester so expect to see a lot of posts about the best bars and restaurants in town, along with my personal experience of living as a student; plus a little bit thrown in about studying and how to survive the life of a Medical student!

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Modern Languages


Hi, my name is Hannah. I’m an undergraduate student at UoL, studying BA French and Spanish. In September, I will be embarking on my year abroad which will take me to Salamanca in Spain and Pau in the south of France. Feel free to get in touch and ask me any questions that you might have about the year abroad, the Modern Languages Department, university in general or life in Leicester.

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Hello! I’m George and I am a forth year Physics student. Obsessed with physics and maths, I hope through my blogs I can both tell you about my experience on the MPhys course and about the parts of physics that most excite me.

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Politics & International Relations


Hi, I’m Oli and I’m a third year International Relations and History student. I’ll be blogging about the major current events like the Brexit negotiations and Donald Trump’s presidency. I’ll also be talking about my experience on the Politics society committee, as a residential adviser and various other topics that I’ll encounter at university.

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Hiya, I’m Enna and I’m currently studying Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience. I’ll be blogging all about my life as a University of Leicester student, and all the cool things that go on inside AND outside of the Uni. Expect to see blogs all about budgeting, how to join in on the Uni fun, and some of my top student hacks!

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Hey, I’m Faheema! I am a third year sociology student. My main aim with this blog is to give you an insight into sociology as subject from a students perspective as well as document how I am getting on with my degree and let you in on what is going good for me and what isn’t really working for me. From this be able to give advice on how to deal with certain situations that you may face.

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Study Abroad



Hi I’m Emily and I’m from Cambridge.  I’m just about to start the third year of my Ancient History and History degree (which is great by the way!).  This year I will be doing a Year Abroad at the University of Flinders in Australia and keeping you all updated along the way!

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Hello! I’m Rachel, I’ve studied psychology at Leicester for 2 years now, but will be heading off to Leiden in the Netherlands next for my study abroad year! I’ll be blogging about all of the adventures I get up to, any useful advice or information I gain from my year, and what life is like as a study abroad student at Leicester.

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