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Wow what a busy week! As were well into the second semester mid-term exams have arrived . This means I have been frantically revising, not only because they count towards the final grades but mainly because they are a good indication of how well you understand the material. I follow the theory that the more I understand at this point of the year, the less revision I have to do during the Easter holidays which equals more time to go out. ( Being a student means it is compulsory to go out as often as humanly possible!)

I had intended to upload this blog earlier but needed a few hours to chill out as I helped out on a UCAS visit for prospective students, which proves to be tiring day. I gave the students tours of the chemistry department and took them to their interviews (which they were soo excited about!) It seemed like 5 minutes since I was there on a UCAS visit but it also made me realise how much i’ve done since being at uni. Attending university visit days are a great way to get a feel for the place and helps when making the crucial decision of which uni to go to.

The students seemed to enjoy the visit and I couldn’t help but notice they were getting hyped up about about starting uni, the parents on the other hand looked a bit more anxious. All in all it was a good day and I hope to see some of the students registering in the department in October. My advice for any prospective student is to take full advantage of these events and visit the uni’s you have applied to, it will your decision much easier.

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