The Sun is Shining!!!

In case anyone has been locked in a windowless room for the past few days, we’ve had days of blue skies, blazing sunshine and scorching temperatures-well late teens. I know it’s terribly British  to get overly excited as soon as we have a few days of sunshine but I think you appreciate even more when you are a cash strapped student.

Even though I was very tempted I couldn’t ignore the mid-term exam I’ve got on Tuesday so I packed up my organic revision notes and headed to Victoria park. It seemed like I wasn’t the only one. The park was full, mainly with other like-minded students. Victoria park is large park next to the university and is also where some of the uni sports clubs practice on a Wednesday afternoon.

Being on the park reminded me how culturally diverse Leicester and the university is. Just from walking around I heard several different language being spoken and music spanning every genre you could possibly think of. Despite being too distracted to do any real revision I did feel uplifted and re-energised ready for the week ahead.

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