Schools out for Summer

I have to begin with two apologies, firstly for the cheesy title. I could not resist although being a second year means school is only out for summer and not forever as I still have one year left. Second apology is for my absence. The last six weeks have seemed to just fly by. Throughout April was study leave where my head was well and truly stuck in books. We then returned to uni at the beginning of May for finishing up some modules and revision sessions and before I knew it exam period started.

I had 4 exams over a two week period which seemed quite intense but it did mean the final count down. The exams I had were organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, kinetics and bioanalytical chemistry. As per usual 2 exams went brilliantly and 2 went terribly but as all marks are pooled together they average each other out. Like most other chemists there are always some topics I am better at than others.

After finishing the last exam on Friday it was time for some serious relaxation and celebration. So I headed off to a festival called Glastonbudget. It’s the same layout as the real deal except its a lot closer to home as its in Leicestershire and much cheaper. All the bands were tribute acts to big artists and they were brilliant. After a few celebratory cocktails I couldn’t even tell the difference! It was definitely a great way to unwind on a student’s budget…..


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