Summer Holiday’s Begin

I am officially home, in Reading, for the summer after an amazing second year of University, and quite an ordeal getting home on Thursday due to the crazy thunderstorm that decided to open up over my flat as my mum and I desperately tried to get everything into the car to deliver to my new house, for next year. It’s all in now, but decidedly damper than I had planned! Still, it has two months to dry, so hopefully it will all be fine when I head back in September.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going away to Greece for a week with my housemates and friends so I’ll just tell you it was an amazing holiday, with nights out on the strip, and days out at the beach, the town where we saw a castle and ancient Greek ruins, and my first ever water park! If anyone is debating going on a summer holiday with their friends I highly suggest it, especially if you’re not heading to any festivals this summer as it’s a great alternative.

I did festivals last year, and holiday this year, and it actually works out cheaper to go on one holiday than several festivals and it’s a whole lot less drama, though you obviously don’t get the music… though with all the weather recently some of the festivals have been called off, which is a shame. I think swimming through mud to get to the stage is one of the biggest parts of a festival in England.

It’s not quite all fun and games this summer for me though, as now I’m back in Reading I’ll be back at work to earn some pennies for my final year at Uni, and I’ve also a lot of research to do on what type of job you can do with a Chemistry BSc degree, and out of those, what I would like to do!

I hope everyone has a great summer, I will be doing occasional post’s over the holiday but not very frequently, so keep a look out!

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