My day in London

Last Thursday I went to London with a friend for a tourist’s day out, to break up the monotony of summer jobs and my attempting to work out how to use the 3 chemical databases for third year: Web of Science, Scopus & Reaxys, using the “self-taught exercises”. As I’ve probably said before, beyond word and excel, my computer skills are around -50, so these databases are proving an issue. Hopefully, I will work them out in the end with some hard work… and some bribing of a computery-person to help me!

In London we went to the Transport Museum (my friends choice) and the Tate Modern (my choice) and just about managed to avoid the rain, which was an extra bonus with the weather as it is at the moment. The day out in general was really great, as art is a huge passion and hobby of mine, so getting to walk around gallery’s was heaven. It was also really cool to see the building work that’s going on for the Olympics, as well as the finished buildings and flats they’ve already got up around London. It’s got me very excited about watching the Olympics, anyway!

If anyone’s going to the University of Leicester’s summer open days on the 26th and 27th July, I hope you enjoy it, and there’s some sunshine for you as well.

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