Careers with a bit of Olympic excitement!

The Olympics is here!! And started off with a great opening ceremony Friday night, I hope everyone was able to watch it, or record it to watch later… although it is on BBC iplayer if you did manage to miss it completely!

Unfortunately I’m working my summer job in the daytime, but I’m making sure I catch the highlights in the evening before I crash out at night. I’m very jealous of a few of my friends who saw the Canoeing Slalom and Hockey on Sunday, it must have been amazing!

On a less excited note: I’m also attempting to sort out a “career plan” that I can go to my personal tutor with at the start of October, as I’ll be heading into my third and final year where decisions have to start being made; which is even harder to do with the Olympic distraction, but I’m determined to bring him something, even if it’s not as specific as he would like! My main problem is that I have no idea what my ideal job would be, but I have been looking into the different types of chemistry graduates can get into, and there is such a variety.

This is not even mentioning all the stuff you can do, that’s not chemistry related such as teaching, finance, marketing and sales, law and health professions. These types of jobs would obviously need further study in their own sectors, but a chemistry degree helps you get your “foot in the door” as it were.

I’m hoping to stay within chemistry, but I can’t say much more than that at the moment… Although environmental, and analytical chemistry have both caught my eye.

Good luck to anyone getting their exam results in August! I’m sure all your hard work will have paid off and you can enjoy the sunshine (which will hopefully stay with us), along with the Olympics.

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