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Apologies for not posting a blog in awhile, I’ve been pretty busy working my holiday-jobs this august. I know A level students got their results over a week ago, and GCSE students got theirs last week; and I hope you all got what you wanted to get, but if you didn’t, don’t be too disheartened.

I didn’t get the grades first time round to get into my choice University, so I ended up taking a year out, working to earn some money, and retaking two exams to get one of my A level grades up to the standard of the others, so I could get into University the next year. Personally, I’m really glad I did it this way, rather than going through clearing as it gave me time to re-apply through UCAS and not make any rash decisions.

For me, this was the right decision, but it’s not for everyone. Clearing is a great way of getting into a good University, in a course you want to do, and will really enjoy.

I’m putting in a link for the Connexions in Leicester website, as Connexions really helped me during GCSE’s and A-level’s to decide what I wanted to do with my future when I was completely clueless. Once again, I hope you all are happy with your results and choices, and that you really enjoy going to University/College/an apprenticeship/job or whatever else you choose to do.


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