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One of our modules this year is “Industrial Chemistry” where we have people coming from companies, from all over the company, to talk about their company, or job to help give us an idea of what type of job we would like to do, and therefore should be applying to this year, as it’s our last year of study (for BSc students).

They topics are various and quite interesting, from synthesis of new products to explosives to (this week) patents. Now I wasn’t looking forward to this lecture the way I had been the week before for explosives, as I’m not much of an inventor (so wouldn’t need a patent) and am not interested in doing further study in law, to work at a patent firm. However I was pleasantly surprised to find the lecturer, Dr David Elsy, who went to The University of Leicester himself, and worked with our very own Professor Cullis, was very engaging, and gave us a lot of useful information, about patents, and the laws around scientific discoveries/synthesis/techniques etc.

He even showed us a scientific process put forward by an American scientist on “How to make a Unicorn” which made my inner child both slightly horrified and very excited. Obviously the morality and general cruelty to an animal to do this makes it illegal, but it’s very interesting as a concept.

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