Chemists Escape!

We had a chemistry outing (with a few low students…) on Tuesday night to Turkey Cafe’s open mike night in Leicester. One of my fellow chemists, housemate (who does law) invited us along as several of her friends where singing at the event. As I’m always happy to have a few casual drinks and listen to some good music I agreed, and dragged half of the third year chemists with me. After all, with only two weeks of term left, and all practical project work due then, we needed a de-stressing outing (in my opinion…).

The night turned out great, and made our usual Wednesday marathon (4 straight hours in the same room) much more bearable the next day, though it probably helped that it was actually only 3 hours in the end, as the last lecture was cancelled due to the guest lecturer not being able to make it. We ended up heading into town to coffee republic for gingerbread lattes (one of the best features of Christmas!)

I hope that everyone is having a good wind down to the end of term, and work deadlines aren’t stressing you out too much! Have a great week everyone.

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