A new term… with new deadlines!

First day of the new term of the New Year is here! And although technically my timetable states that I have Mondays off, I have been camped out in the chemistry computer room with fellow BSc third year students as we attempt to write up our project reports (science version of a dissertation).

On Monday 14th we were instructed to hand over all our notes and data for our organisation skills to be assessed. On Tuesday we were asked to attend a session on how to write up our reports, where we were told we had three weeks to write 25-50 pages… this was not met with much enthusiasm as I’m sure you can appreciate!

Most of us are now desperately trying to work out how to do simple things, that the humanities students will have learnt at A level, such as referencing correctly, paragraphs, this thing called writing… in an “essay” style format. We’re all quite lost. I haven’t written an essay since A-level psychology lessons, which is more than a lot of my fellow students can say: as most haven’t since GCSE English.

My main issue is referencing… or more specifically, finding references that are relevant to my write up, as if you have read my profile, you will know that my third year project is more media than science. Although this was obviously an out-of-the-box challenge, I am now struggling to relate it back to chemistry, or analyse it in a scientific way for a start.

Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a more positive report for you, but right now I need to get back to it as I have a catch up meeting with my project tutor tomorrow morning and I feel I need to show him more than my confused face!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year, and you’re all being far more productive than myself.

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