Surviving the dissertation blues…

I went to see Les Mis with some of my house-mate’s  last week, which was really nice. As there are quite a few in my house (8) and we all do different subjects (English, History, Sociology, Criminology, Engineering and of course Chemistry) it’s hard to find times to hang out. I was really excited to seeing Les Mis because I’ve seen the theatre performance some years ago, and loved it. The film (thankfully!) lived up to expectations and was a fantastic three hours… if a little long. We all decided that although Russell Crowe’s character, Jalvert,  was meant to be a “baddy” he was one of our favourite characters in the film, and the fact he really couldn’t sing just seemed to make him more appealing.

I am not a big film buff, and have hardly seen any of the classic or famous TV shows, and I don’t watch any soaps, so this year I’ve been trying to sit in on more film nights for my house-mate’s to educate me. Yesterday we watched Phantom of the Opera (can you tell we were in a musical mood after Les Mis?) which was also a great film, and had Gerald Butler in as a bonus.

So this week whilst I soldier on with my project write up (dissertation) I will at least have a lot of amazing songs in my head, to keep me going!

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