No More Dissertation!!

I am handing in my annotated 1st draft, and two copies of my final dissertation today! I’m sure you can tell I’m VERY excited about it! Even though I still have a presentation and a viva to do on the subject, in the next two weeks, the main parts are over now and I can get back on track with my lectures… as I have some catching up to do on learning them, as over the last few weeks I’ve been blind copying the notes out so they got done as quickly as possible and I could get back to my dissertation.

The blue rectangles attached to my final copies are memory sticks with my videos on… I know, I do Chemistry. But creating videos of current research and available opportunities within the department was a great opportunity for me to get scientific about advertising – and not only is it a science in itself, it’s also an artform! I’m definitely not made out to be a director, but it was a great opportunity to try something different and fall head first out of my comfort zone!




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Nikki graduated from the University in Summer 2013 with BSc Chemistry and is no longer blogging for this site.

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