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Okay hi

Wow okay so it really has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. So what with going through a quarter life crisis and all, I kinda drifted away a bit. But I’m back now, so hello to you.
And that’s actually what I’d like to talk about. Motivation is difficult.
So when I was in school, everything was really fixed. You’d go home each night and do homework, and then go back to school the following day. Everyone had the same classes, so everyone had the same homework.

Then at college, it was a little more free. People did different subjects, although often it was easiest to make friends with people in your classes because you saw them all the time anyway, so homework was often the same as more than half of my friends. There was a little more time in the day, which was yours to do as you please, although the implication was obviously that you spent that time doing more work.
And now university is even more free. Sometimes, I have days during the week where I don’t have to go into university at all. People all do different subjects, so there’s less people to peer pressure you into doing your work. In fact, when those people don’t have work, and you do, then it’s easy to be distracted.

In fact, this is currently the second day that I’ve been writing this post, and I’m watching a TV show at the same time.

So that’s my lesson for the day. You can be the brightest spark, but unless you put in the time, you won’t do as well as you hope.

There’s this thing that you get told on the first day of university; that basically hard work is the key to succeeding here. And that’s true. But so far as I see it, continual hard work is the key to success.


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Will graduated from the University in Summer 2015. Hi! I'm Will, and I'm a Chemistry student in my third year. I love that Chemistry tries to explain how the world works. That, and it's the only subject that involves Bunsen Burners. Away from university, I really enjoy cooking, taking photos, and watching live comedy. I'm also taking a French evening class, and am the President of the Navigators Christian Society.

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