Exams Are Heating Up

Okay hi,

So I had this thing where when I was doing my A-levels where I would stalk the website of both my firm and insurance choice Universities as a procrastination technique to ‘psych myself up for my revision’.

So if that’s what you’re doing right now. It doesn’t work. Go and do some work instead. It’ll be over soon. (But finish reading this first). Oh, and good luck.

But yes. Exams. So, I had my first exam today and y’know it was fine and all that jazz. But one interesting thing that I wanted to talk about. Hot weather.

Or more importantly, exams in hot weather. So today, for example, has been such a lovely day. It’s been SO warm. And yet, in our exam today, it was unbearably hot. And that was even before we got into the exam room. That’s definitely not the way in which brains were designed to function.

So, just as a quick reminder from my experiences in the exam hall today. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water into whatever exams you may have around this time of year. It’s good for you, and it’ll help you think better.
Oh, and don’t forget your calculator either. I made that mistake. Yeah, didn’t go so well.

But yes, GOOD LUCK!



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