The case of Alexander Litvinenko

I stumbled over a video regarding the case of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian emigrant who dies from radoactive poisoning on this morning and almost instantly had a 10-year flashback (wow, I feel old now^^). I remember this case pretty well because I had just arrived at Baradford for my undergraduate studies and was wondering why no trial was ever heard of in public. This case has been the topic of many rumours and I am excited about what the forensic evidence in the Litvinenko case will reveal . What do you think?

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Elena has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello everyone, I'm a 2nd year Forensic Science student from Germany who also has a passion for Criminology. When I want to relax, I enjoy cooking with my friends, reading as well as archery.I look forward to share my experiences as a distance learner and discuss current events with you.

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