Election 2015

I know I should be reading for my Anthropology assignment and dissertation (which I’ll defininetly write many blog posts about in the near future^^) … but wow, the last couple of days, the news and reactions about this year’s UK election results didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic in the media. I read about housing projects, a Referendum on the UK’s membership in the UK and he deep economic and social crisis that is to come now with this election result…However, I missed a discussion about schools & universitites, education in general. I wonder what will change here over the next years. Will education benefit, grow and develop positively for British/International/DL students? Or will it dive into chaos as some people might fear? What do you think?

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Elena has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello everyone, I'm a 2nd year Forensic Science student from Germany who also has a passion for Criminology. When I want to relax, I enjoy cooking with my friends, reading as well as archery.I look forward to share my experiences as a distance learner and discuss current events with you.

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