Where do you study best?

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a good summer weekend and could enjoy high temperatures and ice cream 🙂

Now that summer finally seems to want to stay in our region (last Saturday was probably the hottest one recorded yet in Germany), most exams are done and assignments are submitted – perfect timing.
However, that also got me thinking:

I have been a DL student for almost two years now and have written many essays. The last one for me this semester was for the Forensic Anthropology assignment and it was probably the one that saw the most of Germany. Typically, I sit at my desk, do the reading, note taking and writing there with yummie gummibears to nibble on and tasteful beverages ( I know some of you can relate to that ^^). I have a very nice view onto a park with a pond so there are worse places to write an assignment, right?

However, my anthropology essay was different. I did most of the reading out and about on the train or tram, depending on where I was going, even in a climbing park where I also did some of the note taking when the heights were just not agreeing with my fear of it^^I did not only focus on writing this essay in my room and favourite café but I also obsevered the people around me which actually helped me to understand some anthropological concepts better. I also felt that the observations gave me fresh perspective on my ideas for the essay.

And now I wonder, where are your favourite places to get your essays together? Do you have a special study place aside from the library?

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Elena has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello everyone, I'm a 2nd year Forensic Science student from Germany who also has a passion for Criminology. When I want to relax, I enjoy cooking with my friends, reading as well as archery.I look forward to share my experiences as a distance learner and discuss current events with you.

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