Dissertation pt.1

Hey everyone 🙂

I have just finished writing my status report on my dissertation. This is the first time I have done one of them and it made me realise that it has already been four weeks since I have started working on it. It also made me realise that although it might sound like a lot of time until January 6th, it actually really isn’t when you have so many things to do. It’s not only the research for the dissertation,  I am also starting a new job and going to move into a new flat soon, so that’s a lot of organising and coordinating on the side. To find enough time to really get into the dissertation is difficult at the moment, but getting a little “kick in the butt” to re-think how to organise matters, is actually a good thing. It’s a bit like doing sports on your own – if you have somebody who tells you to get up and jog it makes it easier to become more motivated and actually get things done. I think I will grab my papers and enjoy the sun on the balcony while reading – can’t hurt to pick up some vitamin D while studying, right? 😉

Anyways, to all DL students currently writing their dissertation: you are not alone. When you work on your dissertation have an ice chococate and enjoy the weather (I think I saw in the forecast that it’s sunny in the UK so I hope that it’s true^^)

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Elena has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hello everyone, I'm a 2nd year Forensic Science student from Germany who also has a passion for Criminology. When I want to relax, I enjoy cooking with my friends, reading as well as archery.I look forward to share my experiences as a distance learner and discuss current events with you.

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