Managing your time

It’s hard. I know. I want to join literally all the societies as well as attend a pretty jam-packed lecture timetable, plus working a part time job. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Some sports societies require a fair bit of commitment anyway, for example I play lacrosse (def join it’s great) but that requires me to train on Tuesday evenings, Saturday mornings and Friday mornings (hungover or  not!) PLUS I have matches on Wednesdays and sometimes Sundays. But don’t let that put  you off! Sports are great as you get so close with your team mates, and get to go on a lot of socials where you dress up like a prat, yet have the excuse of it being part of a team social.

It is so important to be well organised at University, there are so many deadlines to remember and if you’re like me and cannot remember what you had for breakfast never mind what day a piece of work from last week is due in, then you need to get a calendar!

If you plan everything right, and manage to be relatively organised, then there is no reason that you can’t do multiple things at once. It’s all about preparation, so making sure you have got all the notes and dates written down so you can go to socials and not spend your nights furiously typing to make a deadline.

It’s do-able, you want to make the most of University!

Until next time,

Katie x

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Hello, my name is Katie and I am a final year Chemistry student (yes, can't quite believe it myself!) I will be blogging about what I get up to in the Chemistry department and how to balance workload with sport. When not in lectures, even though it does seem like we spend all our time in them... I'll be either in the gym/ out at Mosh/O2 spending money on countless VKs (obviously tropical/ orange as green VKs are horrid!) I am also both dyslexic and dyspraxic, so will give an insight on what it's like and what you can do if you too have been diagnosed with a specific "learning difficulty" of similar nature.

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