Exams are approaching…

It feels like we’ve only just began, yet soon the inevitable exam period will come around again. I am already stressing about stressing about work. If you get what I mean. But keeping cool and working smartly instead of doing all the hours under the sun will actually work better! I wish I had taken this advice at a levels…

Copying out lecture notes word for word won’t work. You won’t remember it, but will kid yourself you will, but as soon as you sit down in the exam hall you won’t remember anything. I struggle to remember the time of my exam never mind 50 different chemical mechanisms which look near enough identical, but are completely unrelated.

Find what works for you- it doesn’t matter if it’s different to your friends, everyone learns differently. I personally remember colours and pictures, but cannot remember words or numbers to save my life.

Most importantly though, remember there isn’t a lot of time between Christmas and exams. They will come around sooner than you think, and before you know it, you will be trying to convince yourself that 1 day of revising is adequate to pass a module that makes up 50% of your mark. In first year, it’s doable, in 2nd year it’s a no go.  Last minute cramming of a module isn’t going to cut it. So, get yourself down to the library and get revising, you don’t want to have to re-sit, it’ll just be a pain.

P.S the library café do wine or beer for a particularly tricky module if you need to drown your sorrows

P.P.S it’s not a joke, they legit do

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Hello, my name is Katie and I am a final year Chemistry student (yes, can't quite believe it myself!) I will be blogging about what I get up to in the Chemistry department and how to balance workload with sport. When not in lectures, even though it does seem like we spend all our time in them... I'll be either in the gym/ out at Mosh/O2 spending money on countless VKs (obviously tropical/ orange as green VKs are horrid!) I am also both dyslexic and dyspraxic, so will give an insight on what it's like and what you can do if you too have been diagnosed with a specific "learning difficulty" of similar nature.

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