Best places to drink in Leicester

(Nearly) everyone loooves a bevvy. But Leicester has sooo many lovely places to drink, and sometimes, just sometimes, a Strongbow dark fruit at the Dog just doesn’t cut it.

So here’s a little list of a few cosy spots that can rustle up a great cocktail:


  1. The terrace: this is a must if you’re a gin lover, as they have loads. It’s a lovely setting (lil bit romantic) but it is on the pricier end, so don’t expect £1 shots, nor be surprised when they don’t sell VK’s. However they have sooo many lovely spirits and have a live singer on a lot of evenings.
  2. Firebug: Well they certainly know how to make a Long Island ice tea. Their drinks are v reasonable when you taste them as they are v generous with regards to alcohol measures. Nice setting, better suited for your tinder date as opposed to your future fiancée.
  3. The exchange: lovely bar, close to the centre of town, but away from the rowdy end. They don’t really do the traditional cocktails, but they are quite cheap! Wouldn’t go just for drinks, but they do really nice pizzas! Which go well with drinks….
  4. Basement: Great lil edgy venue that is always open in the early hours of the morn. Great for after mosh when your still in the mood to continue the sesh, where you can grab an espresso martini for that ultimate pick me up. Fair prices for drinks and cocktails, although again, not sure I’d take my mum as it gets a bit sticky and sweaty.
  5. 33 Cank Street:  They have new Cocktail menu too!!! Really nice drinks at fair prices. It’s right in the centre of town, so you can go straight out after, but there’s live Jazz on regularly, so you can always stay for that! Lovely feel and always a nice atmosphere.

Hope you try out some of these lovely spots, and I’ll keep doing my market research and scouring out some more!


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