Little trip to Munich

Hello hello!!  Sorry for the delayed post!

So aside from exams and other stuff, I managed to fit in a little weekend away to visit my friend in Munich. I have never been to Munich before, but it’s of particular interest to me as I have a keen interest in German history. One good thing is travel; as in Germany, you can buy a travel pass which for £14 a day, allows you to go all over Bavaria on any bus or train!

So what did I get up to??

On day 1: we went around Munich and all the lovely xmas markets, which were very cute, but quite dear and filled with quite a lot of fresh currywurst (I’m veggie so not ideal).We also did a museum about Hitler’s rise to power, which very interesting, especially to see it from the German prospective.

Despite being up for well over 24hours, and desperately in need of a sleep…we decided that a night out was needed!!! We managed to get free entry because, well because we were girls…But the drinks were cheap and it was a bit like a beer filled lets disko with better music, so all was well.

Day 2: we slept in due to being out until 5am, and Siji “cooked me” the only vegetarian food she could find; potato smiles. We set off to Nuremberg, where went to Dachau concentration camp, which was freezing cold, making it even more eerie.

It had been preserved exactly like it was during Hitler’s ruling, but was extremely scary to think that such atrocities happened less than 80 years ago. We then went to a museum all about Hitler’s rise to power and the Nuremberg rallies, where you can actually see where the rallies took place. The building itself is built incorporating the unfinished congress hall, which was intended to be finished in a few years but was halted due to the collapse of the Hitler regime.

Day 3: we explored Regensburg, mostly by shopping and drinking glühwein (mulled wine), as it was the day I was due to fly back to London, we had to stay close to the airport. One nice little find was this small eatery, which was basically like a German Gregg’s, so as true Brit’s- we weren’t particularly adventurous.


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