Study methods-go your own way

Oh wow, it has been three and a half weeks since my last post. I am right in the middle of doing the reading for my dissertation and my desk looks a bit burdened. There are papers, book chapters and notebooks piling up and to everyone who sees it it looks like pure chaos. To […]

Dissertation pt.1

Hey everyone 🙂 I have just finished writing my status report on my dissertation. This is the first time I have done one of them and it made me realise that it has already been four weeks since I have started working on it. It also made me realise that although it might sound like […]

Where do you study best?

Hey everyone, I hope you had a good summer weekend and could enjoy high temperatures and ice cream 🙂 Now that summer finally seems to want to stay in our region (last Saturday was probably the hottest one recorded yet in Germany), most exams are done and assignments are submitted – perfect timing. However, that […]

Election 2015

I know I should be reading for my Anthropology assignment and dissertation (which I’ll defininetly write many blog posts about in the near future^^) … but wow, the last couple of days, the news and reactions about this year’s UK election results didn’t seem to be too enthusiastic in the media. I read about housing […]

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime

I just got back from a wonderful 6 day trip to London. One of the points on my bucket list was the Forensic exhibition provided by the Wellcome Collection in Euston. At first I was a bit skeptical about what to expect, but after entering the building I was surprised how many topics they covered […]

Open Day on March 2nd 2015

Exactly one week ago I touched down at Birmingham Airport for the 2015 Forensic Science DL Student Day. I hopped on the train going from Birmingham Airport to Birmingham New Street-Coleshill Parkway-Nuneaton-Hinckley-Narborough-South Wigston to Leicester Interchange. After checking into the hotel I had a look around Leicester City Centre and was very impressed by the […]

Open Day on March 2nd 2015

Hey everyone 🙂 Sorry for the gap between my last post and this one, but the flu had me in its grip 🙁 But the sneezing and coughing days are over and I just booked flight and hotel for the Open Day on March 2nd. I am so excited to see the Campus and meet […]

The case of Alexander Litvinenko

I stumbled over a video regarding the case of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian emigrant who dies from radoactive poisoning on this morning and almost instantly had a 10-year flashback (wow, I feel old now^^). I remember this case pretty well because I had just arrived at Baradford for my undergraduate studies and was wondering […]

New Year, new luck :)

I know it has been some time since I last wrote, but things were really busy with the assignments. However, this is over now and it is time to focus on my job interview at the German Police. It is comprised of a lot of cognitive and intelligence testing, as well as a sport test. […]

Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie. These three words have accompanied many of us in this week. My thoughts are with the families of all victims and the people who are today walking a silent anti-terrorism march along the streets of Paris to commemorate the journalists at Charlie Hebdot and those who lost their lives in the aftermath […]

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