I should be revising

Hmm so even though I’m supposed to be revising I have been binge watching TV too, whoops. It always seems that during exam season new series start! The mini series ‘Clique’ on BBC was particularly good, so interesting, but it was bound to be good as the producers of skins also produced Clique! It follows […]

Packing, repacking, and packing again

So tour is v v soon now eeeeek! V excited, however there are a few odd items on the packing list some of which took a bit of imagination. A unique drinking vessel??? Not really sure for that one currently, but have a few ideas in mind. A single croc? Who even owns these anymore? […]

Tour is approaching…

End of term is approaching, so that only means one thing (drumroll please)… tour is approaching!! So far have nothing ready at all and I have quite a few fancy dress costumes to buy so probs should get on it at some point. I am SO excited, a week of playing lacrosse in the sun, […]

Leicester Comedy festival

So happy as it’s finally come around- Leicester comedy festival. So far, I have seen Joe Lycett (v v v good, highly recommend), Johnny Vegas ( drunk but still hilarious) and Sarah Millican ( v fab). So, this past few months have been great, and for as little as £8 a ticket (yes, £8!!!) it […]

Open days- making the most of them

It’s that time again, UCAS days are taking place and swarms of prospective students are wandering around campus, trying to drink in vast quantities of information that will ultimately play a huge role in deciding the next path in their life. But, what do you really need to know and get from the day?? Grab […]

Results are in… (drumroll please)

Get your head out the sand as they’re back. It’s now time to face the music. So chemistry have our results back already (literally took them a week!!!!) (v v speedy marking chem dept, well done)). At any other level of education 40% was considered appalling, but at degree level, most are grateful to pass. […]

Finally free…. (until summer)

They’re done, thank the lord. Finally finished my 4 exams which is a huge relief, as I spent so much time in the library people probably thought I lived there (which is slightly depressing). But now they’re done I don’t quite know what to do with myself. Last year as soon as I finished my […]

New year new me blah blah blah

Yeah let’s face it, nothing has changed. Well, I’m slightly older but definitely not wiser. Although, I have reflected a little bit. Christmas really is a time for family and friends, and not about how many presents you get or how much mummy and daddy have spent on you. My family is far from perfect, […]

Brussels trip

So just been on a little mini break to Brussels with my best friend, which was fab and ridiculously cheap! There’s so much to do and see in Brussels, yet it seems to be overlooked by people relative to Prague and Budapest. It cost me the grand sum of €139 for 2 nights in a […]

Socials on a budget

Socials are definitely a massive part of any society, especially sports societies. And whilst they are fun, they can cost a lot when you add it up over the year. Costumes for the theme can be especially pricey- but it can be done cheaply! Over the year, I have been to countless numbers of socials, […]

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