The End is Near… for this year!

My housemates and I had a massive house clean on Sunday, in readying for going home for the summer at the end of June. We made the place spotless before heading out for a meal at Tinseltown, which is an “American diner and milkshake bar” in Leicester. The food was great, and the company better, […]

Big Decisions, Exams and things to look forward to!

At this time of year you would expect the only thing at the forefront of students minds would be the summer exams. However, for the second year chemists we have some rather big choices to make! Not only do we have to start thinking about what type of third year project we want to do […]

First day back!!

So it was the first day back for lectures, and ‘minor details’ rehearsals (choirs side group), and a very busy day it was indeed! We’ve still got normal lectures for a week, before we move onto revision lectures for chemistry, and then the dreaded exams themselves are looming over us… less than three weeks away […]

Back to Uni before I know it

Apologies for the lack of posts this holiday, I mean’t to get one up last weekend but there hasn’t been a lot of time, or much going on! I’m at home at the moment, but I’m travelling back up to Leicester on Sunday so I can get working on my lab reports that are due […]

Easter (Revision) Holiday

Just a quick note from me! It’s finally the end of term (okay, bar tomorrow’s one lecture and customary locker check) and the Easter Holiday is around the corner. Unfortunately for students “Easter Holiday” really means, “Revision Time” but it’s still nice to spend some time at home, hopefully in the sunshine and get a bit of […]

Music Concert with a Chemistry Conductor!

I know it’s a little late in the week now, but unfortunately I was too busy to write about my weekend on Monday! On Saturday, I took part in a Concert as part of The University of Leicester Chorus Choir at St. James Church on London Road. It was a really good evening (if a […]

Open Mike Night

I got invited to an “open mike night” last night at DMU graduate bar, I almost said no due to my work load, but a couple of chemistry friends and I decided we deserved a couple of hours off and went in the end. It’s run by a Vineyard church group and the nights called […]

Busy week

This week has been pretty crazy so far, and I still have an exam and two labs to finish it off! We’ve started Physical labs (three a week), our midterms are upon us (first one was Tuesday, next Friday and so on) and the tutorials are getting more complicated by the minute; as well as […]

Synthetic vs. Physical labs

My friend sent me this meme about ‘the rules of labs’ which I thought was really funny, and mostly true for synthetic lab, which we’ve just completed . We’re changing over to Physical lab now, which is less about attempting a technique to get a specific product (where more often than not your product […]

Leicester Comedy festival!

One of the things that I get really excited about in Leicester is the Leicester comedy festival because the gigs are ridiculously cheap for what you get/who you see, and you get to enjoy new, up and coming comedians in small, intimate venues, before they become really famous and slide out of the student price […]

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