Nikki Lunnon Degree Certificate 130711 I graduated on a beautifully sunny (in Leicester I know!) Thursday 11th July at 11am. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the hour and a half ceremony went, which was helped along by Comedian Jonathan Culshaw who did a mini impressionist set for us after he was presented with […]

How the Chemical Industry is adapting to keep our world green

I was pretty unimpressed with my Industrial mid-term assignment this week, to make a poster and write an essay on one of two topics. Either: 1. Discuss whether the chemical industry can be considered a green industry, using specific examples where appropriate. 2. Discuss the differences between the pharmaceutical and the petrochemical industry. I honestly […]

No More Dissertation!!

No More Dissertation!!

I am handing in my annotated 1st draft, and two copies of my final dissertation today! I’m sure you can tell I’m VERY excited about it! Even though I still have a presentation and a viva to do on the subject, in the next two weeks, the main parts are over now and I can […]

Surviving the dissertation blues…

I went to see Les Mis with some of my house-mate’s  last week, which was really nice. As there are quite a few in my house (8) and we all do different subjects (English, History, Sociology, Criminology, Engineering and of course Chemistry) it’s hard to find times to hang out. I was really excited to seeing […]

A new term… with new deadlines!

First day of the new term of the New Year is here! And although technically my timetable states that I have Mondays off, I have been camped out in the chemistry computer room with fellow BSc third year students as we attempt to write up our project reports (science version of a dissertation). On Monday […]

New Years Resolutions

Loving’s new years cartoon: I hope everyone has a great new years, doesn’t drink too much and manages to kiss that special someone underneath the mistletoe 🙂 For tonight, January exams, worries, work and stress can be ignored. Enjoy the start of a new year, and make it the best one ever. After […]

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