Leicester Uni Open Day

Yesterday was the first of many general open days and boy was is it a busy one. Prospective students and their parents flocked in their masses from all over the country (and beyond) to see what Leicester has to offer. The day was very busy with lots of differnt things going on all over campus […]

Schools out for Summer

I have to begin with two apologies, firstly for the cheesy title. I could not resist although being a second year means school is only out for summer and not forever as I still have one year left. Second apology is for my absence. The last six weeks have seemed to just fly by. Throughout April was study leave where my […]

End of Term!!!!

I cannot believe it is the end of term already, it has gone soo fast. This semester usually does as it is only 9 weeks long but it’s seemed particularly quick this year. I’ve decided to take the entire first week off as a rest is definitely needed before cracking on with revision. (Contrary to popular belief […]

The Sun is Shining!!!

In case anyone has been locked in a windowless room for the past few days, we’ve had days of blue skies, blazing sunshine and scorching temperatures-well late teens. I know it’s terribly British  to get overly excited as soon as we have a few days of sunshine but I think you appreciate even more when […]

UCAS Visits

Wow what a busy week! As were well into the second semester mid-term exams have arrived . This means I have been frantically revising, not only because they count towards the final grades but mainly because they are a good indication of how well you understand the material. I follow the theory that the more […]

Summer in Uganda

As we are now only a few months away from the end of the uni year the hot topic of conversation is plans for the summer vacation. Whilst I imagined days of lounging around (hopefully in the sun) and not much else my friend inspired me with her plans to spend the summer in Uganda. Lisa (also a […]

Playing with cyanide

On Sunday evening I begrudgingly pulled out my lab manual to read up on the experiment I was doing the next day. My concentration levels suddenly increased when I read the word CYANIDE! We were actually going to play with (work is probably a more sensible word to use) cyanide. I became increasingly more focused […]

Exam results and student finance

Tension was running high this week at uni and there were a lot of anxious faces as students were awaiting their exam results. It’s been 3 weeks since the end of exam period and the new semester is in full swing so many students (myself included!) had forgot about exams. This was until we received e-mails instructing […]

A bit about me

Hey all! I’m in the second year of the 3 year BSc Chemistry degree at UoL. I have to admit I was quite nervous about studying chemistry at degree level but it is certainly not a decision I regret. Especially as I have now realised that with a lot of determination and hard work, great […]

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