Last Family Holiday

Okay hi, So University is a really exciting time in life. There are so many new things to do, new people to meet, and new people to see. It suddenly seems that there is loads more things you could be doing with your life. But there are things you have to leave behind as well. […]

Exams Are Heating Up

Okay hi, So I had this thing where when I was doing my A-levels where I would stalk the website of both my firm and insurance choice Universities as a procrastination technique to ‘psych myself up for my revision’. So if that’s what you’re doing right now. It doesn’t work. Go and do some work […]

Success at University

Okay hi Wow okay so it really has been quite a while since I last updated my blog. So what with going through a quarter life crisis and all, I kinda drifted away a bit. But I’m back now, so hello to you. And that’s actually what I’d like to talk about. Motivation is difficult. […]

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