Dissertation pt.1

Hey everyone 🙂 I have just finished writing my status report on my dissertation. This is the first time I have done one of them and it made me realise that it has already been four weeks since I have started working on it. It also made me realise that although it might sound like […]

No More Dissertation!!

No More Dissertation!!

I am handing in my annotated 1st draft, and two copies of my final dissertation today! I’m sure you can tell I’m VERY excited about it! Even though I still have a presentation and a viva to do on the subject, in the next two weeks, the main parts are over now and I can […]

Surviving the dissertation blues…

I went to see Les Mis with some of my house-mate’s  last week, which was really nice. As there are quite a few in my house (8) and we all do different subjects (English, History, Sociology, Criminology, Engineering and of course Chemistry) it’s hard to find times to hang out. I was really excited to seeing […]

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