Ill in exam time

Trust me to get ill around exam time. Literally the WORST time to get ill but I’ve managed it. Unfortunately, I fell ill mid exam during my Organometallics module and threw up which isn’t the outcome I was hoping for. I was majorly panicking as I literally didn’t know what to do- and didn’t want […]

I should be revising

Hmm so even though I’m supposed to be revising I have been binge watching TV too, whoops. It always seems that during exam season new series start! The mini series ‘Clique’ on BBC was particularly good, so interesting, but it was bound to be good as the producers of skins also produced Clique! It follows […]

Exams Are Heating Up

Okay hi, So I had this thing where when I was doing my A-levels where I would stalk the website of both my firm and insurance choice Universities as a procrastination technique to ‘psych myself up for my revision’. So if that’s what you’re doing right now. It doesn’t work. Go and do some work […]

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